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Ever by the white floral backdrop

Making Dreams Come True

I love bringing people together in a festive atmosphere, organizing all the details and maintaining the vision my clients have in mind for their dream wedding and event. 

While living in London, I attended London Fashion Week and other trade shows, which brought together over 250 designers to a global audience. From the environment to diversity, supply chains, ethics and responsibility, designers are always looking to new and innovative ways of presenting their most recent collections which include more than just fashionable clothing.

Although I am a licensed Wedding Planner, I am always striving to improve!  In 2021 I completed my certification in the International Merchants Business Academy (MBA) for wedding planners.  This week long event is the largest conference for wedding planners in the world!  This training event helped me hone my skills and learn the latest trends and technology available.  I look forward to sharing these ideas and tips with you too!


I am visionary and want to make your wedding or event not only special but spectacular, providing you and your guests the very best possible.

Let me take the stress out of your event so you can be relaxed bride or hostess.



Certified Wedding Planner & Designer

CEO/Founder At Power Web Builder & Designer 

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