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Which Should You Book First? Wedding Venue Or Wedding Planner?

Updated: Jan 16

For many couples, getting engaged is one of the most thrilling moments of their lives. Soon after the proposal, planning the wedding comes to life, and both brides and grooms start to imagine what their big day will look like. While planning can be exciting, it's also a process that can feel daunting, overwhelming, and stressful, especially when deciding which of the two to book first - The Wedding Planner or The Venue. In this blog post, we'll outline the benefits of booking first and why hiring a wedding planner is the best option for couples.

First and foremost, booking a wedding planner first helps to reduce your to-do list. The planning process is notoriously long and stressful, with most couples spending an average of 15 months planning. By hiring a wedding planner, you immediately gain access to a partner whose expertise and experience can help you streamline the decision-making process. In addition, your wedding planner can assess your vision, budget, and overall style, recommend which venues to visit, and consider booking. It also helps you save time, money, and your sanity.

When you have a wedding planner on board, the venue selection process becomes more efficient. A professional wedding planner will know what questions to ask the venue manager, what logistics to consider, and what amenities the wedding venue should have to cater to your wedding style and guest needs. Moreover, since wedding planners have often worked with many different venues throughout their careers, they likely already have extensive knowledge of which sites best meet their clients' needs. By booking a wedding planner first, you can enjoy more variety and higher-quality venues than if you started your search alone.

When it comes to the financial aspect of the wedding, hiring a planner allows you to stay within your budget. A good wedding planner is excellent at creating budgets, managing finances, and ensuring you don't overspend on any item. They will work with you to understand your wants and determine what you can afford. Booking a wedding planner first will give you a better idea of what you can afford regarding venues and other wedding services. An experienced wedding planner will also be able to find creative ways to achieve your vision and a style that matches your personality without going too far out of budget.

Another benefit of hiring a wedding planner first is that they can help you establish priorities for your big day. They will ask thought-provoking questions that will help identify the most critical elements when planning a wedding and help you stay focused on them. For example, they know the venue is the cornerstone of any wedding, but it's one piece of the puzzle. By establishing priorities early on and working with your wedding planner to achieve them, you can have the day of your dreams by focusing on what matters.

Booking a wedding planner first is the best decision a couple can make when planning their wedding. Hiring a professional wedding planner reduces stress, saves time and money, and provides access to the best venues and vendors. In addition, working with a planner helps to identify priorities that lead to a fantastic wedding day; after all, you don't want to leave anything to chance. For a perfect wedding, get your wedding planner on board immediately to help you make your journey feel like a breeze. Remember, weddings are not just ceremonies but memories to be cherished forever.

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Which should you book first? Wedding Venue or Wedding Planner?
Which should you book first? Wedding Venue or Wedding Planner?

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