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7 Essential Decor Questions Should Ask Your Venue

Updated: Jul 9

Planning an event, especially a wedding, involves countless details. One of the most critical aspects is ensuring that your venue can accommodate your decor vision. Whether you've just got engaged or planning your dream wedding, asking the right questions about venue decor can save you from last-minute surprises and stress. This blog post will guide you through the essential decor questions to ask your venue, ensuring your event is as beautiful and seamless as you envision.

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One Of The Essential Decor Questions Should Ask Your Venue Is What Decorations Are Included in the Booking Fee?

The first step is understanding what is included in your venue's booking fee. Some venues offer essential decorations like table linens, chair covers, and simple centerpieces as part of the package. Knowing this upfront can help you adjust your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Clarify What's Available

Ask for a detailed list of included decorations. This may include tablecloths, napkins, and basic floral arrangements. Knowing precisely what's available can help you visualize your setup.

Assess the Quality

Inquire about the quality and condition of the included decorations. Are the linens clean and free from stains? Are the centerpieces fresh flowers or artificial and appealing? This ensures that what's included meets your standards.

Options for Customization

Some venues offer customization options for an additional fee. If you have a specific color scheme or theme, ask if you can accommodate it without incurring significant extra costs.

Can We Bring in Additional Decorations?

Personalizing your event often means adding your touch through decorations. However, knowing if your venue allows this and what the logistics involve is crucial.

Permitted Items

Confirm if you can bring specific items such as string lights, centerpieces, or photo booths. This allows you to plan your decor without any last-minute restrictions.

Drop-off and Setup

Ask about the earliest time you can drop off your decorations and when you can start setting up. This is particularly important for events with elaborate setups that require more time.

Coordination with Venue Staff

Find out if the venue staff will assist with setting up your decorations. Knowing this can help you arrange for extra hands if needed.

Are There Restrictions on Outside Decor?

Some venues have strict policies regarding certain types of decorations. Understanding these restrictions can help you avoid complications and fines.

Prohibited Items

Inquire about items such as confetti, sparklers, candles, and food trucks. These items are often restricted due to safety concerns or cleanup difficulties.

Alternative Solutions

If certain items are prohibited, ask the venue for alternative solutions. For instance, can you use LED candles if real candles are not allowed?

Compliance with Regulations

Ensure that your decor plans comply with local regulations and venue policies. This is especially important if your event involves outdoor elements like lawn games or beer donkeys.

In Case of Cold Weather, Are Heaters or Covered Tents Provided?

Weather can be unpredictable, and it's essential to have a plan for inclement weather, especially outdoor events.

Availability of Heaters

Ask if the venue provides heaters for outdoor areas. This is crucial for ensuring guest comfort during colder weather.

Covered Tents

Inquire about the availability of tents or umbrellas. Knowing this can help you plan for unexpected rain or harsh sunlight.

Additional Costs

Find out if there are additional costs associated with renting heaters or tents. This helps you budget accordingly.

Do you provide in-house flowers, or do you have a preferred vendor?

Flowers play a significant role in event decor. Knowing how your venue handles floral arrangements can streamline your planning process.

In-house Floral Services

Ask if the venue offers in-house floral services. This can simplify your coordination efforts and ensure the flowers match the venue's decor.

Preferred Vendors

If the venue has preferred vendors, inquire about their styles and pricing. Working with recommended vendors often results in smoother logistics and better deals.

Scattering Petals

Check if you are allowed to scatter petals on the floor or ground. Some venues have restrictions due to cleanup concerns or environmental policies.

Does Your Staff Assist with Setup or Breakdown?

The setup and breakdown of decorations can be labor-intensive. Knowing what level of assistance the venue staff provides can help you plan accordingly.

Scope of Assistance

Clarify the extent of the staff's involvement. Will they help only with setting up tables and chairs, or will they also assist with arranging centerpieces and lighting?


Ask about the timing for both setup and breakdown. Knowing this helps ensure the event runs smoothly and that decorations are cleared promptly afterward.

Additional Fees

Check for any extra charges for staff assistance with setup or breakdown. This prevents unexpected expenses from cropping up.

Are There Restrictions on Rearranging the Space?

Flexibility in arranging the venue space can significantly impact the flow and feel of your event. It's crucial to know how much freedom you have in this area.

Permitted Adjustments

Ask what changes you can make to the existing layout. This includes moving furniture, changing lighting setups, or adding temporary structures.

Structural Limitations

Inquire about any structural limitations. Some venues might have areas that must remain unchanged for safety reasons or historical preservation.

Coordination with Venue

Discuss how changes should be coordinated with the venue staff to ensure everything is done safely and efficiently.

By asking these essential decor questions, you can ensure that your event runs smoothly and looks exactly how you envisioned. A thorough understanding of what your venue offers and allows can save you time, money, and stress. Whether you're just engaged or a professional wedding planner, these questions are critical to a stunning and successful event. Remember, we at Ever's Wedding and Events, Certified Wedding Planner, Spokane Washington are here to help if you have any questions. We also offer rentals, packages and custom decorations such as backdrops, centerpieces, silk flowers ( realistic and high end artificial flowers) and more!

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