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Questions Should Ask After Booking the Wedding Venue

Updated: Jul 9

Congratulations on booking your wedding venue! This significant milestone brings you one step closer to your dream day. With the venue secured, asking the right questions is essential to ensure everything goes smoothly. This guide provides valuable insights for bride-to-be and newly engaged couples on what to ask after booking their wedding venue. We've got you covered, from meeting the main point of contact to providing transportation tips for guests.

Questions should ask after booking the wedding venue table setting

One Of The Questions Should Ask After Booking the Wedding Venue is Who Will Be Our Main Point of Contact?

The Importance of a Main Contact

Having a main point of contact at your venue is crucial. They are your go-to person for all queries and concerns. Knowing who this person is early on can save you a lot of stress.

Meeting the Contact Person

Ask if you can meet this individual now. Building a relationship early can help ensure clear communication and a smooth planning process. This person will become your ally in making your big day perfect.

Consistency in Communication

Ensure that you have their direct contact information. Regular check-ins can help you stay on track and address any issues as they arise.

What Information Should We Share with Outside Vendors?

Vendor Requirements

Different venues have different requirements for outside vendors. Ensure you understand what information needs to be shared with your vendors. Questions Should Ask After Booking the Wedding Venue regarding access a service elevator or a separate entrance. Knowing this can help avoid confusion and delays on the event day.

Can We Visit During Another Wedding?

Observing the Setup

Visiting during another wedding can give you a real sense of how the venue will look and feel on your big day. It's a great way to see the setup and get ideas.

Evaluating the Sound System

Hearing the sound system in action can help you decide if it meets your expectations. More acoustics can be necessary for an otherwise perfect ceremony.

Timing the Visit

Ask the venue if you can schedule a visit during another wedding. Make sure it's a similar event to yours in size and style.

Where Will the Seating Chart Be Displayed?

Importance of Visibility

The seating chart is crucial for guiding your guests to their seats efficiently. Ensure it is displayed in a prominent location.

Options for Display

Ask about the options for displaying the seating chart. Some venues provide easels, while others may have digital displays.

Accessibility for Guests

Ensure the seating chart is easily accessible for all guests, including those with mobility issues.

Where Will the Gift Table and Cardbox Be Located?

Location Matters

The gift table and card box should be in a secure yet convenient spot. Ask the venue where these will be placed.

Decoration Options

Find out if the venue provides any decorations for these tables. Simple touches can make them look unique.

Security Concerns

Ensure that the location is secure to prevent any potential loss of gifts or cards.

How Many People Can Sit at One Table?

Table Capacity

Knowing the table's capacity helps you plan your seating arrangements. Ask how many people can comfortably sit at one table.

Place Cards

Inquire if you need to provide place cards. Some venues offer this as part of their package.

Table Layout

Ask if you can see a sample layout. This can help you visualize how your reception will look.

Can We Prepare a Specialty Drink as the Newlyweds?

Adding a Personal Touch

A specialty drink can add a unique touch to your wedding. Ask if you can prepare a drink that reflects your personalities.

Bartender Coordination

Ensure the venue's bartenders are aware of the recipe and ingredients needed. This will help in seamless service.

Presentation Options

Discuss how the drink will be presented. A beautifully decorated cocktail can be a hit with guests.

How Would You Recommend Guests Get to the Event?

Transportation Options

Transportation can be a significant concern for guests. Ask the venue about recommended ways for guests to get to the event.

Partnerships with Services

Inquire if the venue partners with cabs, rideshares, or shuttle services. This can help guests arrive on time.

Traffic Tips

Get any traffic tips or advice that you can pass on to your guests. Knowing the busiest times and best routes can make a big difference.

Booking your wedding venue is just the beginning. Asking the right questions afterward ensures that your big day goes off without a hitch. From knowing your main point of contact to understanding vendor requirements and transportation tips, these questions will help you cover all bases. Remember, we at Ever's Wedding and Events, Certified Wedding Planner, Spokane Washington are here to help if you have any questions. Here's to a seamless and beautiful wedding day!

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