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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Veils - Do's and Don'ts to Keep in Mind

From Cinderella to Kate Middleton, every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. Wedding veils are vital in completing the bride's fairy tale look and enhancing her beauty. Choosing the right veil can be overwhelming, and the wrong one can ruin the entire outfit. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect wedding veil that complements your dress and accentuates your features.

Do match the veil with your dress: When selecting a veil, ensure that it matches the style and design of your wedding dress. If the dress is ornate and has a lot of details, go for a simple veil. Conversely, if your dress is minimalistic, you can choose a more elaborate and embellished veil. The veil's length should also complement the dress; if you are wearing a short dress, opt for a shorter veil.

Remember the hair: Before selecting a veil, also consider your hairstyle. Select a veil that suits an updo if you wear your hair up. Alternatively, a veil with a blusher is ideal if the hair is down. A blusher is a short layer covering the bride's face and is lifted when kissing.

Consider the venue: The venue plays a role in choosing the perfect veil. Cathedral veils are ideal for church weddings and formal affairs. Meanwhile, birdcage veils are retro and perfect for outdoor or rustic weddings.

Please don't overlook the color: Veils come in various shades, and selecting the right one to complement your dress is vital. If your dress is bright white, choose a veil in a similar shade. Alternatively, if the dress is ivory, opt for a veil in a lighter ivory.

Consider the overall look: Keep the overall look in mind while choosing the veil. An elegant and straightforward veil is ideal if you prefer a minimalist look. However, a long and embellished veil is perfect if you want to create a dramatic statement.

Choosing a wedding veil is not easy, but with these dos and don'ts, you will be on your way to selecting the perfect one that complements your dress and accentuates your beauty. Remember that there is no right or wrong veil; choose one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Everything you need to know about wedding veils

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