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Wedding Etiquette Tips for the Modern Couple

Updated: May 26, 2023

For many couples, planning a wedding is a daunting process. Not only do you have to think about the

details of your big day, but you also have to consider the etiquette that goes along with it. While traditional wedding etiquette may seem outdated, there are still some critical rules of civility and good manners that all modern couples should follow. Here’s a look at some wedding etiquette tips for the modern couple.

RSVP Promptly and Respectfully

Getting timely responses from guests can be difficult, but ensuring everyone RSVPs promptly and respectfully is essential. When sending out your invitations, include an RSVP deadline and politely remind guests of this date in any follow-up communications. It’s also important to give guests plenty of options when responding—including online methods such as email or social media if they prefer not to use traditional mail. Finally, thank them for their response no matter what it is so that they feel appreciated and welcomed to your celebration.

Wedding etiquette tips for the modern couple

Set Clear Expectations

Regarding weddings, there are certain expectations on both sides—for example, how much money should be given as a gift or how formal the attire should be. To avoid any confusion or hurt feelings, make sure you communicate these expectations clearly from the start. For example, consider including a note in each invitation with specific instructions regarding dress code or gift giving so that everyone feels comfortable and has clear direction on what is acceptable for your special day. It is also important to remember that there is no obligation on behalf of guests to give gifts at all; if they wish to attend the event itself, they should not feel pressured into providing a gift as well.

Be Open-Minded About Family Dynamics

Family dynamics can make wedding planning tricky sometimes, especially when dealing with divorced parents or step-parents who are hosting together. Try not to take sides in family disputes and remain open-minded about different approaches or opinions from those attending your big day. It can help ensure that everyone feels respected and included while allowing you (and them) to celebrate in the way that best suits your wishes as a couple.

Planning a wedding involves more than just deciding on colors and selecting vendors—it also involves ensuring you adhere to proper etiquette guidelines so that everyone feels welcome and respected throughout the process. Following these tips for wedding etiquette for modern couples will ensure that your big day runs smoothly while still honoring traditions of courtesy and civility!

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